How far will you travel?

Travel costs for within 40km from the entertainer's home are included within the package price.  As some of our entertainers or clients live out of Canberra, their may be an additional travel surcharge for the entertainer chosen. We try to keep the cost as low as possible, but we need to take into consideration the bookings that we may be unable to take due to driving time.  For Nessa for instance (who lives out of town), a party in Tuggeranong would require around 2 hours of travel time, so there would be a surcharge involved to cover petrol and the lost opportunities to do other party bookings.  Most surcharges will be between $10-$50, but could be more.  


Do you do magic tricks, Frozen and Superhero themes?  

Some of our entertainers can do some basic magic tricks, but we do not supply magicians as such.  As for Superheros, Frozen, Disney and other licensed characters - we are not licensed to provide these types of entertainers.  In order to provide these, we would need to be paying licensing fees every year, which is currently not sustainable for us.  We can however provide Snow Fairies, or if given enough notice we may be able to provide a non-specific superhero. In terms of face painting and shimmer tattoos - we can do superheros, Frozen etc.




Do you do face painting only?

We did, and we can at times (usually for events or school holiday entertainment etc), however we specialise in packages.  Because our main source of income is from packages, we only have limited opportunities for face painting only bookings.  Generally this will be done by Nessa, who is our most experienced face painter.  Our minimum booking for face painting only is $180 for an hour an a half.  


face painting


Do you provide catering?

We do not cater for parties as we often have to go straight from one party to another and do not have the facilities to keep food fresh.  If you would like to have someone cater your party we may be able to refer you to other businesses.

Do you have party rooms available?

No, we specialise in mobile birthday parties, so we come to you.  However, if you do not have the space or desire to hold the party at home, there are many community centres and scout halls around that will hire out their facilities for a small cost.  Some restaurants and cafes are also happy for entertainers to attend parties, so just check with them if you are having your event away from home.  Cafe Mocha Tze at Wanniassa is available as one of our locations, but will attract some additional costs.

What face paints do you use and what about hygiene when painting?  What age child do you paint?

We only use high quality face paints such as TAG, Snazaroo, Global, Cameleon, Paradise/Mehron, Montmarte and Grimas paints. These paints are recommended by face painters around the world and very rarely cause allergies.  However, as with all products, some individuals may be sensitive and we cannot guarantee that some irritation may not occur.  If a child has obvious eczema or dermatitis we will do our best to avoid painting on the areas that it occurs, or may suggest painting the arm instead of the face.


In terms of hygiene, we use one sponge per child, which are washed in hot water to kill any germs between parties.  We also use Brush Bath in our brush water to ensure that the water stays sanitary and have a number of rinsing containers for paint brushes.  We change the water regularly and also use sanitising hand gel to avoid spreading germs, and soak our brushes in Isocol after each party.


Face painting manufacturers recommend painting children over the age of 3, as younger children tend to have more sensitive skin.  If a parent insists, we will sometimes paint a child younger than this, providing we have explained our policy to the parent and they have agreed that it is ok.  We do not recommend painting babies, as there skin is even more sensitive and they move erratically.


How do I remove the face paint?

All of the face paints can be removed from the skin with soap and water, however some of the more strongly pigmented paints may stain a little.  If this occurs, try using baby wipes or makeup remover - these usually do the trick quite nicely.  Try to avoid having the face paints come into contact with clothing or bedding as they can be difficult to remove.

What are shimmer tattoos and how long to do they last for? (picture below)

Shimmer tattoos are applied using an adhesive stencil that sticks on the skin.  A thin layer of cosmetic glue is then applied over the open areas of the stencil and glitter is then dusted or brushed over the top.  The stencil is then removed to leave a beautiful design underneath.  We often combine 2 or more colours on the stencil to make it even more pretty.  Both the glue and the glitter are specially designed for use on skin, so should not cause reactions, however as with the face paints we cannot guarantee this.  The tattoos can often stay on the skin in some form for up to 3 or 4 weeks, gradually losing glitter.  It looks it's best for the 1st week or so.  We NEVER apply tattoos on the face.  To remove the tattoo try using some baby oil - you may need to apply the baby oil a few times.

What games and activities do you do with the children?

We usually play the old favourites that most of the children know - Musical Bobs or Statues, Duck, Duck, Goose, Fairy Says, Sleeping Fairies, Fairy Tag and Pass the Treasure Box (much less wrapping and tears than Pass the Parcel!).  We also like to blow bubbles and occasionally do some craft activities (usually on request) such as making a fairy wand or a pirate hat. If you would like to do a pinata or a specific game such as Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, Nessa or one of the other Fairies will be happy to work it into the schedule, however these extra items will need to be provided by you.  

Do you hand out prizes during the party?

No, we do not hand out prizes for games.  The reason we do not is simply that we do not like children to feel left out - so either everyone needs to get a prize, or no one does.  We do include a Pass the Treasure Box game at the end of most packages (unless we are running short on time, in which case the children will just pick a prize out of the box), which gives all guests the opportunity to pick their own prize out.  Prizes in the Treasure Box are quite simple and usually consist of small bottles of bubbles, lollipops or wrapped lollies, plastic coins, hair bands or bangles. 


Do you all look like Barbie Dolls?

Ummmm.....no.  We are all normal women with great personalities.  Many of us are Mums with young children ourselves.  So there may be the odd lump or bump or a smile line here or there.  Do we look fabulous anyway?  Hell YES!

Fairy, pirate, princess, mermaid, witch and wizard parties in Canberra and Adelaide.  Face painting, glitter tattoos, puppets, balloon modelling and children's entertainment.  Handmade children's fairy, princess, witch, pirate and dragon costumes for sale.  Fairy wings for sale.  Fairy products for sale.  Preschool, Reception, Kindergarten, Playgroup, School events, incursions, excursions and fundraising in Canberra and Adelaide.    Nessa the Fairy is a face painter who has been face painting as a fairy for over 3 years.  She has been trained by well known Australian face and body painter Rebecca Anthony and is now living in the Barossa Valley near Adelaide.  Nessa the Fairy is available for face painting in the Adelaide Hills, Barossa and Clare Valleys, Port Adelaide and other suburbs in Northern Adelaide.  She is also available for an extra fee to visit suburbs in South Adelaide.Childrens parties in Canberra, Fairy parties in Canberra, Mermaid parties in Canberra, Pirate parties in Canberra.


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